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Ancient Civilizations and Creation Myths
Freedom of Speech - Tharoor and Hitchens
Homage to Humanity - Jimmy Nelson
Book Recommendations - Neville Shah
Top 100 successful Indians worldwide
Top 100 successful Chinese worldwide
10 years, 24 shows


Our Cosmic Address - September 2018
Building an Image Classifier using TensorFlow - August 2018
How to become a Data Scientist? - August 2018
ML Model: Logistic Regression - August 2018
ML Model: Simple Linear Regression - July 2018
Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning - July 2018
Performing Twitter Sentiment Analysis - April 2018
Getting started with Python - March 2018
Why Disagreements are Important - February 2018
Freedom of Expression - Padmavati Controversy - January 2018
Midnight Oil - Comp Sci Study Materials

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Arts & Letters Daily
The Chronicle
The Paris Review
The Baffler

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Arxiv Sanity Preserver - Machine Learning
Subreddit - Machine Learning
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Do Insects feel Pain? - Relax I'm an entomologist
The 7 Steps of Machine Learning
Types of classification algorithms in Machine Learning
101 NumPy Exercises for Data Analysis (Python)
The Startup Founder's Guide to Analytics
Stephen Hawking in Physical Review
Darwin Review - Journal of experimental botany
Personal Assistant(Jarvis) using Python

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Inception in TensorFlow
Image Classification Walkthrough

image classification guide

Train Image Classifier with Inception in TensorFlow
Classify Images with TensorFlow
TensorFlow for Poets

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Task 1 Sample Answers
Task 2 Sample Answers
IELTS 15 Days Practice